Why I choose myself

Tomorrow is Valentines Day.

The commercialised, capitalistic, holiday that simultaneously manages to take monetary advantage of the lovebirds and make the single feel inadequate.

February 14th, and I am really really happy. The past year, I’ve learned the importance of being happy all the time, a state that hasn’t fluxed because it’s February 14th and I am single and society says it should be different.

This valentines day I choose me.
I am not a half, I am a whole.

Because on this day, my happiness shouldn’t be in someone else’s hands.

Because people can disappoint.

Because someone should care about you all the other 364 days too

Because no one should have to ask for affection.
When you don’t love yourself enough, nothing hurts more than loving someone who loves themselves

Because I loved people for the crafted image of them in my mind

Because what you allow, is what will continue

Being alone on Valentines’ Day doesn’t mean inadequacy.
Because sometimes, being surrounded by the wrong people is the loneliest thing in the world.

Repeat these things because they matter and you matter:

I choose myself because I enjoy my own company

I choose myself because I have to learn how to make myself happy before I make someone else happy

I choose myself  because you can’t change another person, but you can improve yourself

I choose myself because I don’t want my happiness to lie in anyone else’s hands

I choose myself because someone else cannot love me in the place of me loving me

I choose myself because being alone is not synonymous with being lonely

I choose myself so there is no pit in my stomach when the ball is in someone else’s court

I choose myself because I am more than the amount of people who compliment my physical appearance

I choose myself because I should matter to people for who I am, not for our relationship status

I choose myself because I don’t need a set day for someone to proclaim an emotion

I choose myself because I am complete when I stand alone.12509215_10153356721857894_7723661333745823516_n.jpg

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  1. Love this Poppy! Enjoying my own company and loving myself is something that I continue to work on 24/7! Wish we could have spent more time together in Thailand! Best Wishes my love! Sidenote: dont click on my profile and look at my blog lol. It’s new and in the startup process haha

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