Weekly Wednesday Travels- Certaldo

Another Wednesday, another 5 tabs opened on google- “Quaint towns in Italy”…. “Villages in Tuscany”….time to check another place off my list.

Well, there’s actually no list. I just find a place and go, and then both put it on the list, and check it off the list simultaneously.

This past Wednesday I looked through my notes and saw that on my way back from Poggibonsi last week, I wrote down different towns the trains passed through.

Montelupo, Empoli, Castelfior, Certaldo. The latter of which I wrote the word “quaint” next to.

Perf! So I went to the train station, and bought a ticket for Certaldo.

As the train rolled through Tuscany I thought of how lucky I am to be studying in the heart of this region, the green fields, stone house, the picture-perfect vision everyone has in their mind when thinking of Italy.

And Certaldo was even more quaint and charming than I’d remembered! The brightest blue sky I’d seen since being in Italy, bellisimo!

Certaldo is a small town, but the real magic is above the main center- up on a hill stands old Certaldo.

In the center you can find hordes of kids, strollers, and families. Up in old Certaldo resides a more elderly crowd, aptly paralleling the atmosphere of the town and it’s buildings.

You can easily walk around the entire town in the clouds in 1/2-45 minutes.

I spent 3 hours.

Coblestone buildings and alleyways. Eccentric statues, terra cotta flowerpots, and the stone city walls that make up every Tuscan city I’ve seen, all enclosed on the hillside, like a well kept secret, and stone entrance  in each direction.

The view from above was the essence of everything I’d pictured Tuscany to be. The rolling hills, green even in February. Vineyards, olive groves,

Sun beaming down.

Farmers tending to the fields, hordes of sheep, and barking dogs pushing against the fence.

I read a book in the sunshine of a little patio with benches.

Met the nicest museum curator, roamed around antiques, & saw the pottery this town is famous for

DSC_1422   DSC_1426                  DSC_1503                  DSC_1353DSC_1403   DSC_1360

Definitely recommend strolling through this medieval village! Don’t miss the little things/moments/places when traveling! Big cities that may be known, but don’t have the charm a place like Certaldo does.

And, although the trains were 1 1/2 in delay on my way back, after having a gelato, I could definitely chill for a bit