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Viva L’Italia

What a whirlwind. Writing while scents of the thinnest crust pizza wafts through our open windows, along with sharps and flats of a violinist’s song, interrupted by the hourly church bells. It’s that “I’m living the dream” moment. He begins to play “What a Wonderful World”..davvero….

I haven’t needed to change the hour on my clock or currency in my wallet for 7 days; now I have been living in Italy.

Last Monday I arrived in Italia, after having been in the USA, Romania, and Hungary all within one week. 10 hours of sleep in 4 days.

I had just taken a flight from Cluj to Bologna, the bus to Bologna Centrale (where I forgot my backpack, BUT recovered it), and a train to Prato, Italy, where I would, and will, be for the next 4 months.

I roamed Prato for 50 total minutes instead of my GPS’ promises of 15; luggage in tow trying to find my school. After the 30-minute mark I confessed to my ultimate lost-ness, and began asking locals (and one group of women I later found out were hookers lol) in the broken Italian I had been teaching myself: “Dov’e Piazza San Francesco?”

Dritto…sinistra..destra…and alot of “girare” as I turned around and back and around again with my luggage.

But I was blessed with a sunny day, cafes at every corner, stone facades and the most fashionable people on this planet, which would understandably make anyone disoriented…

By the time I found my way, all UNH students (they all took the same plane over), and we split off into our groups of residencies and roommates.
One week ago and now one week later, I can say that I am so happy with the people I was paired with; everyone is so excited to be here in Europe. And everyone is baffled at the fact that I’ve been abroad since September.
Me too, a little bit.

Now begins a second semester abroad, a 4th language to learn, and country to discover

After a few days of orientation, tours of the city center, and of historical sites, I lovedPrato all the more.

(A few of my) Favourite Things

Cafe (which means espresso!) after every meal

Finding narrow sidewalks and tunnels, paths to explore

Discoveringbest sweets/pastries/desserts of any country I’ve visited

Gelato as frequently as possible (today I was late to class because of said delicacy)

Pizza with buffalo cheese that is to do for

Becoming rapidly obsessed with shopping and shoes

Our meal plan– we get to chose from 15 different restaurants/cafes for all our meals

The most delicious carbohydrates I’ve ever eaten

Finding aRomanian food/product store downtown!

Talking to the most friendly locals in broken Italian

Discovering gnocchi

Classy vino with dinner

Sipping vino juice boxes in the streets

The first time a complete stranger bought me a drink

Seeing the most ornate church edifice in Florence

Meeting my new Hungarian BFF

Frequenting the same 4 bars of this small-ish city (compared to sevilla)

Spending way too much time laughing on Tinder with the gals “I swiped because he had a vespa in the picture”

And realizing I live with girls so awesome that I don’t even have to go out of my way to meet other local/international students like last semester. Ellen, Nicole, Teresa, Lauren, Liz, Daniella, Rachel to name a few! Everyone is so fun and has such a good attitude/personality/perspective!

Nothing but good vibes over here in Toscana!

Ah domani,


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