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Two months in Two weeks

Lately, if someone asks me how my life has been, they better have an hour to spare… At least…
Three weeks and two days ago I wouldn’t have said the same thing.

Three weeks and two days ago I was stressing over visas and passports and application and final exams, projects and papers.

Three weeks and two days ago the semester was ending and I had no intention to leave Italy. 

No destination, no plans, yet housing was nearly over, and I was on the way to homelessness. 

I spent a Friday night googling hostels to work or volunteer.

I spent a Sunday afternoon searching The Florentine classifieds and emailing families to work as an Aupair.

I didn’t know the legality of remaining in Italy after the expiration or my visa, and I realized renewing my Romanian passport was impossible.

Then, on a Tuesday everything happened.

From then on it was like a bomb but the bomb had confetti and wonderful news.

On a Tuesday I presented my final Italian project- a documentary film about food that I spent hours working on, getting footage, doing interviews, creating English subtitles and putting it all together. 

Suddenly the families I had emailed from the classifieds were contacting me.

I began to receive 3-4 emails a day from another Aupair website.

An owner of one of my favorite restaurants stopped me to ask f I wanted to Aupair for his daughters this summer.

I presented my final photography/research project I had done at an immigrants house, and the Italian just flowed. I found that when you’re  passionate about something the language comes so naturally. I had spoken in fluent Italian for 25 minutes in front of a crowd.

I spent a Wednesday night in the disco instead of studying for two final exams and played soccer inside the disco,  meeting some of the funnest Italians.

I ended up finally talking to the group of spaniards I had already coincidently been on 3 trains together with.

I visited the home of a family for Aupair in the countryside of Florence with a nature loving family. 

I spent a weekend at another Aupair families country home in Carmignano. Here I realized 3 kids is way to much to babysit for, and that all rich people are the same.

Met some of the greatest people staying up until sunlight with, and some on the opposite end of the spectrum.

I finished my application for studying in Thailand this September.

And then, finally, the moment id been waiting for since February…. My school approved doing an internship in Spain. The only problem is, I had fallen in love with Italy instead.

Now, Sicily awaits, and for the next month I’ll be volunteering in a hostel in Catania, then July and August working as an aupair for a family on their farm in Tuscany and, (fingers crossed), traveling to Switzerland with them.

So that’s that- the summer is nearly planned…

There’s still the matter of getting my visa for Thailand before September, but all in due timing.

… Just have to be careful to watch out for the Italian sense of “time” 🙂

A presto!