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The Colour “Run” (no emphasis on the latter)

When rolling on the ground in public is acceptable, and running isn’t.

(after the event, I went on an real run, and Sevillians were actually asking me “why are you running…” ?
PORQUE NO, HOMBRE? Ah, Sevillians, always ready to point out the foreigners…

Actually dreaded waking up that morning, fiesta-ing from hours before had made running the last thing on my mind. But I figured, well, it’s Sevilla, and the girls here don’t do physical exercise ever anyways, so it can’t be a legitimate 5k.

It sure wasn’t real 5k material, & I don’t think I can go back to “real 5Ks” after this experience.

I mean, what other 5ks also include festivals and concerts? A 5K with a rave afterwords sounds like my kind of 5K….

Plus everyone was just so friendly and excited and happy to be running. The Plaza de Espana was buzzing with lively people (and a DJ beforehand to get everyone ready to go). Wigs and skirts galore, it was the perfect 5K to have on Halloween Weekend.

Ran with Beth & Andrea!

From Yellow

To Blue
IMG_4646 IMG_4661
^About to get trampled #worthit

To Orange

To Green

To Pink

And a classic before/after
IMG_4606 IMG_4706

After 5 kilometers of moderate jogging and walking, we get to this huge empty lot with a gigantic stage & DJ playing house/techno/pop music, yes PLEASE!

Every 20 minutes they would throw more color onto the crowd (at this point everyone’s was starting to mix into a orangey/brown color). So fun, that 2 hours later, I forgot I hadn’t even eaten anything besides an apple all day! When food is the last thing on my mind, you know I’m having a good time.

IMG_4728 IMG_4735 IMG_4745
Hands down, the best concert I have ever been too!

….but now its 3 days later and the color still hasn’t fully come off….