The Best Consecutive 11 Days

After days of planning, nights spent hunched over my laptop screen into the wee morning hours, it is over.

11 days of solo travel, 4 countries, and all I have left is memories, images, and postcards. +15 on Facebook. New ideas, new perspectives. Happiness. Giggling to myself when I remember X or Y.

11 days is  264 hours, 15840 minutes.

Below are 44 things… some of what I did, discovered, and felt in those 264 hours

1. Luxembourg is the most surprising unknown country I’ve been to! Don’t underestimate a place because of its small size… being off the tourist radar is a good thing!

2. Do people who speak French ever like anyone who doesn’t speak French?!

3. Luxembourg preserves their ancient architecture- forts, castles, ruins….amazingly!

4. Coffee outside of Italy is ****. Really. Do not recommend. 0/0.

5. Almost missed a flight due to peanut butter (my jar was over the max. liquid allowance).. had to get escorted put of the security section because I told them I wanted to eat it before my flight left #addictlife

6. 7/7 days in Ireland were SUNNY (which is super lucky for me because everywhere else I’ve solo-traveled, the rain got me…Brussels…Budapest…

7. People are really really punctual in Ireland/North Ireland and getting used to that mindset again took dedication (and sprinting)

8. Ireland/North Ireland have the most spectacular nature I’ve ever seen ever ever if you’re reading this PLEASE go

9. I enjoy Guinness beer

10. I almost missed my flight due to Guiness beer (I had to drink it ooonnnne last time before I left, no judging here…

11. The Cliffs of Mother and the Giants Causeway show that our planet is beautiful and also frightening

12. I made an Irish friend and understanding him speak is like hearing a foreign language…or maybe it’s just the people from Kerry

13. The driving on the opposite side poses some trouble for someone who’s an avid jaywalker…

14. Ireland never runs out of castles

15. If tea is free I will drink 3 cups daily

16. Tried vegemite… thanks but NO thanks Makalya

17. Speaking in 4 langauges in one day is hard….except after you drink Irish ale…

18. Played Monopoly: Cork Edition (had a dream that I went to jail in Ireland… and then it came true in monopoly version)

19. Met Germans who drink as if they were had some stereotypes to uphold 😉

20. Danced bachata in my Cork hostel lobby (gracias Alfredo!)

21. Solo travelers are the best kinds of open-minded, funny, generally-awesome people

22. Someone asked if I would marry them if they guessed my favourite colour. It’s not yellow, sorry

23. Ireland really needs to step up its festivity & nightlife & general partying game… only 2am on St. Paddy’s? ! ?! I expected more..

24. A Shamrock shake is no better-tasting in Ireland… everytime I purchase one, I think I won’t regret it but I. still. do. always.

25. Kissing the Blarney Stone is scary when you have no upper body strength cause who knows ya might slip through the crack!

26. If you don’t know how to cook some food(s), be prepared to get lessons from everyone in your hostel kitchen (thanks Frenchie)

27. You can make a filling & hearty meal with your hostel’s “free” box and refrigerator’s unlabeled food (& world’s best tomato pesto)

28. Never trust someone who says they know a “really scary” horror movie (sorry Cosmin!)

29. Cobh is the colourful seaport town of your dreams

30. I was taught how to make butter in a museum in Cork by an elderly man who believes in the faeries

31. I feel bad for anyone who doesn’t travel Ireland outside of Dublin because Ireland is so much more than just its capital.

32. Ryanair flights can most def be a party if you talk to your seat-neighbors

33. Knowing your limoncello limits is important!!!

34. Definitely did Couchsurfing wrong…. . .

35. San Marino is like a fairytale place high up on a hill and into the clouds

36. It is also the world’s oldest republic! (Although it is inside Italy)

37. Surprisingly caters to the Russians (with signs in the language, and cheap weapon, liquor, and clothing stores abound)

38. Also where I got scolded in Russian by an older Russian man who was photographing in the mountain, on the way I hold my camera

39. Sleeping in airports is definitely doable

41. 11 days with one backpack is definitely doable

42. Solo female travel is definitely doable

43. Keep in contact with the people you meet traveling, because you may meet up in another corner of the world!!

44. Don’t  have too many expectations of an a experience, things should be lived second by second.

~A la prossima