Si Fiesta, No Siesta!

Cue image of me and 2 housemates chanting that at an outdoor bar at 4am

Aaaannd yep.

So Spain, especially Sevilla, is known for two rather contrasting things.
Shops and stores generally close mid to late afternoon so people can go home, relax, eat, take a nap, and the like.

It is also a form of preparation for the nightlife.

(Not even sure if this can be called nightlife, as it basically begins in the morning.)

These are happenings during the course of 3 weeks…not in a row… (I wish)

Night 1:
Dance club with too many Americans for my liking, about 11pm-12am
Found some dive bars packed with Spaniards, and practiced our Spanish with all the locals, about 12:30am-1am
Found an outdoor bar called Epheta with a dancefloor setup, DJ, spanish house mix music, lights, and locals (similar feeling to finding an oasis in the desert), about 2am-4:30am

Night 2:
Arabian themed outdoor bar with curtains, hanging lights, and BEDS (I do wonder if the homeless people take upon that offer)
Back to Epheta for a bit
Wandering around looking for place called “Bilindo
Find BIlindo, everyone is Spanish and beautiful and dressed to the 9s
We put our crinkled map away, and venture to the bouncer
No comprendemos nada, but we walk in anyways
Opinion: Most amazing outdoor dance club I’ve ever encountered
Result: Stayed there until 5am talking in Spanish to locals and dancing to Spanish/techno/pop/rock music but NO grinding thank DIOS people don’t consider that dancing here, and talking in Spanish to locals

Night 3:
Back to Bilindo (we couldn’t resist)
We find out Bilindo is actually a direct 10 minute walk from our house (score!)
Dance floor is closed 🙁
There are dance platforms with drag queens and a 60’s theme
We have a little dance party of our own
Some guy on stilts is juggling fire
Spaniards tried to speak in Romanian with me, I try to speak Spanish with them

Night Four:
Find a bar on the infamous Calle Betis.
Bourbon St. Barsemi-deserted, but we chat with the waiter, Miguel, and get 2…3…4.. free shots
Best drink of my life goes to a strawberry gin with sprite
Move on to Puerto de Cuba, a dance club on the Guadalquivir River
Beautiful views of lit-up bridges, monuments, and buildings

Night Five:
Back to visit Miguel at Bourbon St.
Back to my guilty pleasure of strawberry gin
Talk to locals for a while (Spanish prowess improving greatly?!)
Trip down some stairs because I didn’t see them (I’m actually that klutzy when not drunk)
Go to a dance club called Buddha (too many Americans, too much American music)

Night Six:
Went to a bar that was 200% American… when beer pong started I had to get out of there
Walked around the city speaking Spanish with Anna (housemate) for a near 2 hours)

Night Seven:
Went back to Buddha
Actual locals this time!
Best hookah ever with 3 strangers (& Anna)
Danced a lot a lot a lot
Someone tells me I’m the most beautiful person they’ve ever seen in their life
Laugh and can’t respond
“Closed” the dance club…aka last to leave at 4:30am

Night Eight:
Walked around San Sebastianpark during this huge international festival
Ended up back at the outdoor bar Epheta (music drew us in)
Met people we met the night 1, who introduced us to the bartender…
He gave us a shot…
of Absinthe…
Danced a bit, done for the night

Night Nine:
Flamenco show at a hole-in-the-wall sweet spot
Tried “Aqua de Sevilla”
Roamed around the city
Ended up eating salsa and wearing a sombrero at a Tex-Mex place at 1am

Now although the continual fiesta-ing and not siesta-ing made me have a cold this past weekend, and I didn’t go out,
we’ll see what this coming weekend in Granada brings….

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