Selfies in París

I had thought Paris would be tacky, a gaudy place that too many people had already visited. I had thought Paris would be a tourist trap with expensive everything. I had thought Paris would be full of snobby locals that would stare down your choice of fashion.

It’s not.

I had thought Paris would be too much of a “city of love” for a person who’s just not too much into it, for the fear of feeling trapped

It is 100% not.

Paris however, was for me, the city of “Self-Love”

Paris taught me that time to yourself is is enlightening

Paris taught me that sometimes your best company can be just yourself.

Paris taught me to accept myself fully

Paris taught me that I need to love myself and to not expect others to fill in the gaps for me, because they cannot

Selfie with the friendliest of pigeons (all they actually wanted was the corn pellets)

Selfie on top of the L’Arc de Triomphe

Selfie with the Mona Lisa at the Louvre

Selfie in the underground..Paris Catacombs

Selfie on top of the Eiffel Tower (I shamelessly started crying when I saw it light up while on the metro)

Although I visited Paris with my Api study abroad group, I spent most of my time to myself; adventuring, getting lost, museums and shops, ending up at the Christmas market, seeing everything I could possibly see, trying out the French language, getting lost again, marveling at all the lights, ending up at the Christmas market again.

12-hour tourist days with no breaks– parks & cathedrals & thrift shops & La Seine, & food/craft markets & art & landmarks/monuments & macaroons, and taking the most pictures I’ve ever taken in one city EVER.

Paris became one of my favourite journeys on this whole big study abroad journey, and safe to say, I’ll find my way back soon.

Merci, París