Secret Spaces- Da Nang’s Fine Art Museum

what to do in da nang

Da Nang seems to be a city that many skip while traveling Vietnam. Perhaps it’s understandable; Vietnam is a huge country. It’s nearly the length of the entire West coast USA.

So Da Nang may not fit into the typical itinerary.

But my opinion?
Put it at the top of your list.

Those who give it a chance are surprised. Including me.

So why is Da Nang one of my favorite places in Vietnam?

Well, there is definitely no shortage of sights. From lush nature to modern architecture; the Lady Buddha, to the Marble Mountains, Song Tra Mountain, white sand beaches, Da Nang has it all….


What to do in Da NangWhat to do in Da Nang What to do in Da Nang
And if you like art, one of the best museums in Vietnam is also here.

The Da Nang Fine Arts Museum is fairly new, and fairly obscure. Most people who visit the city stick to seeing the high-tech bridges and cavernous mountains, but I think the museum is just as impressive.
It spans 3 floors with art from the ancient to the modern times. The museum area is quite spacious, well-organized, and well lit (I was honestly surprised at its appearance!) and there are some well written text panels in English too.

On the first floor has temporary exhibits changed every few months. On the other 2 floors, there is a plethora; ethnic arts from regional tribal groups, modern oils and lacquers, contemporary graphics, pottery and sculpture, woodwork, some children’s paintings, as well as traditional silk paintings.

Da Nang Fine Arts Museum Painting Da Nang Fine Arts Museum painting Da Nang Fine Arts Museum sculpture

If you’re not a big fan of museums, or if history bores you, but still would like to learn more about Vietnam, I suggest this museum. Art is one of the biggest tools cultures use to express their values, traditions, and way of living throughout the ages.

Put the this fine art museum, (and Da Nang itself!) on your Vietnam bucket list… you’ll be in for a surprise!


Over to you…
Have you been to Da Nang? Comment below what you think is the most underrated place in Vietnam!