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Living in a Residencia

Upon studying abroad, I had two options for living arrangements.
One was to stay with host family or host mom, the other to live in a residencia with other students.

My dilemma- To stay with a host family, where I would undoubtedly be more immersed in the Spanish language and culture, or to live in a residencia (akin to dorm rooms in an apartment building) and live with other kids who are studying abroad.

Me being the overwhelming extrovert that I am, saw the residencia living as the best option. All basic needs of food, shelter, and even cleaning was provided, so that was no worry. My thought was that living with other study abroad students=more opportunities for travel and adventure.

^That definitely holds true! Although I do have several other groups of friends I spend time with, living in a residencia gives me more options in terms of plans. If I don’t want to go to London one weekend, that’s okay because another person maybe be traveling to Prague instead!

We definitely have an array of personalities, which can be overwhelming, but interesting all the same, as well as a gracious  “mom”, Rosa who takes care of all our basic needs, giving us the liberty of going out and about with less worries on our minds.

Examples of Rosa’s cooking prowess-

IMG_2383    IMG_2575 IMG_2629

Makes it difficult to be a semi-vegan with all her delicious cheese-filled tortillas and creamy soups… not that I’m complaining 😉

In fact…. the truth is that last night I’m pretty sure I ate 1/2 a portion of chicken…
No regrets though.

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