La Primera Semana

Upon reaching Sevilla on the 4th of September, I had (lo siento Sevilla te amo), some doubts.

You see, before Sevilla, the API program took us students to Madrid, El Escororial, Toledo and Cordoba, each city more unique, beautiful, and awing than the preceding one. (Separate blog posts for each of those places to come later.)

So as the bus pulled into Los Remedios, a neighborhood orbarrioof Sevilla, we seemed to be on the outskirts of everything. A modernized but decrepit, area with tall gray apartment buildings and wide gray streets as far as the eye could see.


This was not the Seville of my imagination. Where were the narrow cobblestone streets and sweeping architecture, palm trees and floras and tapas bars for miles to explore?

Not quite in Los Remedios, but over the bridge in the center of Sevilla. Almost as if Los Remedios is a place to live, and enjoy quiet(er) time, and family life, while the center of Sevilla is where everything else happens (everything and anything).
Sevilla never fails to awe me all over again.

Los Remedios

My bed!

El Torre de Oro & one of many monuments

View across the Guadalquivir River

DSC_0483 DSC_0784
Life in Sevilla 🙂

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