9 Places to Spend Halloween in Romania

Romania is known for “vampires” of course. But, those mythical creatures are the least of your worries.

Many more haunted, spooky, or just plain weird places await you… enter if you dare.

Here are 9 places to spend Halloween in Romania:

1. Hoia Baciu Forest

Hoia Baciu forest Cluj Romania

Home of aliens, UFOs, gnarled trees, and a field where nothinggrows. The Hoia Baciu forest is a key spot for all kinds of paranormal activity, and thus aptly called “Romania’s Bermuda Triangle”. The area has high electromagnetic activity, as well as strong fields of energy.
The first high-profile UFOs sightings were reported in the 1960s. Someone documented the strange objects and lights on camera for the first time. Since then, sightings of UFOs have continued.
In addition, many people who enter the forest report an uneasy sensation, a feeling of being watched, or actually personal accounts of disappearance and disorientation. Others see flickering lights, orbs, or shadows.
Some describe seeing the ghosts of murdered Romanian peasants, others claim to hear whispers, or growls and screams in the middle of the night. On one instance the police investigated shadows and voices, so spoked that they ran out of the forest, with migraines and burn marks appearing in the following day.
It is said that in this forest, over 1,000 people have simply disappeared, never to be seen again.

Read more here... and come explore the mysterious of the Hoia Baciu forest, who knows what you may see on Halloween night…

That’s your 1st option for Halloween in Romania!


2. Corvin Castle

Corvin Castle Romania

This castle is said to be one of the most haunted in the world.
Vlad the Impalar (yes THAT Vlad), Bram Stoker’s inspiration for Dracula, was held prisoner in this castle. The conditions were difficult, to say the least, and some say that this experience made Vlad become as bloodthirsty as he was known to be.
Ghosts walk around the rooms and hallways in the night time, legend says. Perhaps these lost souls are the Turkish prisoners who worked on the construction of the interior fountain. After decades, and completion, the prisoners were not released, but beheaded.

Turkish is written on the wall: “You have the water but you don’t have heart”.

That’s your 2nd option for Halloween in Romania!


3. The Mountain Sphinx

Sphinx Bucegi Mountains Romania

Located in the heart of Bucegi mountains, this resemblance to Egypt’s sphinx is a hotspot of mysterious phenomena.
The stories surrounding this place include an energetic force field, so strong, it has been investigated by the CIA.
Some say the Sphinx is one of the Earth’s supposed chakras.
Others say an ancient civilization carved the sphinx to represent a God.
Finally, some people claim aliens themselves came and built the site.

That’s your 3rd choice for Halloween in Romania!


4. The Black Church

Black Church Brasov Romania

This church has burned pieces and bullet holes, but that’s not all. There is also a strange statue of a boy falling.
One theory is that the boy fell to his death when a worker, jealous of his developing skills, pushed him to his death.
Others say that the boy simply fell when asked to see if the wall was being built straight.

That’s your 4th choice for Halloween in Romania!


5. Banffy Castle

Banffy castle Bontida Romania
In 1944 this castle became a military hospital per order of the Nazis.
Banffy Castle was the location of many deaths, and so today, paranormal activity is common, being attributed to the restless spirits from centuries past.

That’s your 5th option for Halloween in Romania!


6. Sacrifice Lake

Lake Maramures Romania

In Maramures, the locals like to tell a story. There is a lake, somewhere in this region, that has claimed victims throughout the ages.
Swallowing an entire wedding, pulling in young girls, and drowning whole church… the lake holds many in its depths.
Try to find it, just don’t be its most recent victim!

That’s your 6th choice for Halloween in Romania!


7. Bran Castle

Bran Castle Romania

This is said to be visited by many haunted spirits, and paranormal researchers often visit the site for themselves.
Who is said to haunt the site? None other than Vlad the Impaler and former Queen Maria!

That’s your 7th option for Halloween in Romania!


8. Prison for Two

Cathedral Sbiu Romania

In the area of Sibiu city, the locals like to tell a story. (My family members in Cluj-Napoca have also mentioned similar stories).
Like in many places of the world, divorce was once extremely looked down upon. Couples who wanted to divorce, were instead locked in the prison tower. Here, in the confines of a tiny room they had to stay and do everything together until reaching some sort of armistice and divorce was off of their minds. Or so they’d pretend…

That’s your 8th choice for Halloween in Romania!


9. The Bridge of Lies

Bridge of Lies Brasov Romania

Don’t tell a lie while you’re walking across, legend has it that the bridge will break in two!
In earlier times, merchants who cheated customers, and girls who lied about their virginity before marriage were just some of the people thrown off the side, to promote the virtue of truthfulness of course.
It seems honesty is the best policy, at least on this bridge.

That’s your 9th option for Halloween in Romania!


Lastly, Romania also has a good party scene, and as Halloween celebrations are moving into the mainstream, nightclubs are picking up the theme.

So try to visit one of these sites during the day, and if you are still alive and well in the nighttime, head on over to a themed Halloween party.

Vampires may be only a fairytale, but these 8 places? They sure are real 😉

Over to you- Have you visited any of these places? Are any on your Romania bucket list?