“Fútbol” not Soccer

So they say you shouldn’t talk to strangers…but what if good can come out of it?

Like free passes to see an FC Sevilla fútbol game, perhaps?

If there was any phrase that was the antitheses of my existence, it would be that one. How are you supposed to meet anyone in this world if you don’t start talking to them? So I don’t take any consideration to that phrase.
And that’s how I saved 40 Euros.

Out of the many Spanish locals I’ve met thus far, Miguel (1st Miguel, there are many many Miguel’s here) has been most willing to help with my Spanish, and in turn I help him with his English, (which is probably better than mine, no biggie).

On Sunday, September 15th, he borrowed season passes from friends who weren’t going to the game, and me being raised Romanian with utmost importance on family, sarmale, and fotbal, was ecstatic to see how Spaniards value their fútbol.

And not only do they value fútbol- they worship it. I’ve never heard someone sing any anthem with such fervor and passion (sorry America), as these fans sang the Sevillian team’s anthem. All the words shown on a screen too, so I was able to sing along!

Although no vuvuzelaz were to be seen, they would’ve been second to these wildly cheering, singing, chanting fans.

One goal on a penalty kick and they were thrilled.
Second goal scored by the aftermath of three beautiful passes, and I think they screamed and cried simultaneously.

Such spirit and passion, unity for one cause was impressive; fútbol is just as much a way of life here as are tapas and siestas. And that’s fine with me.

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