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From Fiesta to Sickness

Haven’t written a blog post in weeks, and now, lucky me, I have the flu and thus sufficient time to write one…

Recap of the past (non-illness) filled few days- HALLOWEEKEND:

October 30th
School, to Halloween shopping, to creating a “Sevilla photo walk” event for my Cultural Liaison internship, to going to Lindsey’s Cultural Liaison event, to fiesta-ing. Went out with my Japanese friends for the first time-  bar on Calle Betis with 50 cent chupitos, then the discoteca/bar Hoya 19 until 4:30am…which means I unwillingly headed back home “early”.

IMG_4421    IMG_4431

October 31st
Woke up 2 hours later for the most exhausting hike of my life- 7 miles in the Spanish sun on minimal sleep= not fun.

We hiked from quaint village to village in the Aracena mountains, met a friendly donkey, found edible wild berries, cracked walnuts, and got a bag of kiwis for 1 Euro.

DSC_3945 DSC_4042

Back home- took a 2-hour siesta, then back on track for Halloween festivities.

Went out with two of my house-mates, to meet some Dutch kids at Torre del Oro for Botellion.
(Costume was supposed to be a vampire, but my teeth kept falling out.)


We go to the discoteca Kudeta, where I happen to run into my Japanese and French friends. After everyone leaves, I stay being addicted to bailar and such, (everyone I talk to also asks if I am from Italy), and upon walking out run into Claudio and Rodolfo, as always. We don’t even make plans because we always run into each other at the discotecas of Sevilla.

We talk with some of their other friends, who attempt to speak English the entire time, a sitcom-worthy site.

Then, Chocolate and Churros to end the night at 6am!


November 1st
Not setting an alarm did me good, woke up at 4pm and went to find chocolate, in true Halloween fashion. (Although there are no 50% off discounts here) 🙁

Explored Sevilla and got tapas with amigas, went to the Festival of Nations, and then ended up watching a random theatrical performance in the street.

IMG_4495 IMG_4475

Back home to get ready for night 3 at a discoteca; Casino this time (favourite one in Sevilla)

IMG_4543   IMG_4541

Had to drag myself back home early, since I had to wake up for a 5k in a few hours……

And overall, even though I was dying to travel somewhere new for Halloween weekend, I don’t think I could’ve had more of an array of adventures than in my very own Sevilla.
(Except now I’m paying for it… the discotecas are free before 2am, but the doctor’s prescription sure isn’t….)