SpainStudy Abroad

First Official Post I Suppose

Today marks 10 days since I’ve been living in beautiful Sevilla, España!

P.S. I am studying abroad here for the fall semester, until mid-December!

Although I’ve been abroad for a near 2 weeks, I don’t want to play catchup with this blog. (Already like 3 months behind in my actual journaling), so I’m gonna combine the past week’s adventures (just daytime, nightlife is a whole different story) into one upcoming post. …..But first here are some…..


-Located in the region of Andalucia (Southern Spain)

-Sevilla is the name of the province and the main city

-Sevilla, the main city, is the capital of both the province of Sevilla and region of Andalusia

  • It was founded in the 6th century!

-Known as one of the hottest cities in Spain, so you get used to walking around and sweating even at 9pm

-Birthplace of tapas! Small portions of meals or tasty snacks people use as a way to socialize and eat between main meals

  • The siesta, or afternoon nap is an ongoing tradition as many business close during the mid afternoon.

-It the city with the most bars per inhabitants!

…. on that note, SALUD!

& Now it’s time for chocolate y churros, 

(a Dios-sent Spanish nighttime/early morning tradition)