Cuvinte, Words, Palabras, Parole

They say to watch a person’s actions when no one is around to see them.

Well, this is a bit difficult, and perhaps illegal, but you can realize how a person acts towards/with you when no one is around to see.

Anyone can say sparkling words and phrases in front of other people.
Anyone can type anything on Facebook, something perfectly formatted for 1,000+ friends to “like”–
Editing, revising, and polishing, words until they sound so perfect.
Showing the world what a great X, Y, or Z type of person they are

That’s what I began to learn this year —
differentiating between the things you want to remember, those words, those pictures, and the things you should remember: things that never make it to the social medias.

That’s what C. helped me see this summer, all those “back of my mind” type of things

When I thought my world would shatter with a “better than”, with my comparisons left and right

When I learned to stop painting the past gold because the present was there; already coloured gold

Because things that are better from the very beginning do exist
Not merely after x amount of time and even then still not

That’s when people turn way.

Words are easier, we learn them from a young age.

Someone can say I love you, of course they can.

Someone can write nice things in a poem/post/painting/melody, sure.

But to do something, is different.
Something simply to make someone else happy, with no self-benefit– not to make someone happy and also get praised.

There comes a time when one’s words just cannot stack up to another’s action

The line between selfless and self-full actions—
Ask yourself; for the other person, or for personal gain?

Inviting a stranger under your umbrella during a downpour, or– maybe– showing up at someone’s dorm with a bag of mangosteens, after she gets back from work, because yesterday she told you about the impossible-to-find fruit she’d been dying to try this summer–

That says I love you more than this Helvetica font could

The act of surprise.
Make a person happy when no one else sees it, when you have no audience.
Don’t let words on social media replace real emotions
Do something for just one person to experience, not for thousands to see

Make the time to self-reflect on how others treat you.
Change is good, & a setting sun means a rising sun will follow.