API Takes on Chocolate y Churros

Back in the United States I was never a big fan of churros. Whether buying them from the local supermarket, or eating mediocre attempts from the school cafeteria, I never gave much thought to this fried confection. Until I arrived in Spain, that is. The first time I had churros here, I was hesitant and excited, (especially for the chocolate part). Two fantastic churro-cafe experiences later, and I couldn’t wait for the first Cultural Liaison event: Churros y Chocolate.  Tuesday, September 16th came and the event turnout was fantastic! About 28 API students and friends met at the Torre Del Oro at 7pm for some sweets before dinner with our families.


From there, we walked to the Puente de Isabel II, to take a look at the 150 year-old Triana Market. Unfortunately, churros stand times and market times clashed that day, so we weren’t able to go inside the market, but it is open Monday-Saturday from 8am-3pm! The Triana Market is indoors and sells fish, meat, bread, pastries, fruit, vegetables, and even has a cafe with food and drinks. Be sure to get there earlier for the largest array of fresh products! Most things are cheaper than in the supermarkets, so stock up and consider picnic-ing along the Guadalquivir River.

Onto churros!

The stand is on the opposite end of the river from the market; titled Churerria Los Especiales. The classic Churros and Chocolate is a mere 4 Euros (for a hefty portion), and there are other churro-like pastries, even waffles! This churerria caters mostly to the hungry young 6am crowd returning home after a long night of dancing, but are open most times of the day.

Tuesday: 7am-11pm (last orders by 10pm)

Wednesday: 7am-11pm (last orders by 10pm)

Thursday: 7am-1pm, then 5pm-2pm into Friday afternoon

Friday: Closes at 2pm, then open from 5pm-2pm into Saturday afternoon

Saturday: Closes at 2pm, then open from 5pm-2pm into Sunday afternoon

Sunday: All day

Monday: Closed

DSC_0990   DSC_0999
We sure brought them some good business!

DSC_0994        DSC_0995

So many of us that more seats were needed!

DSC_1000    DSC_0996

DSC_0993    DSC_1001
Cultural Liaisons (Andrea, Zach, and I); success!

I implore you to explore Sevilla, and all its wonderful delicacies, from the markets to the churro stands!