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Adios, Guapa

One of my favourite things about Spain is the frequency of which everyone uses the word guapa. “Hola guapa”, “Que tal guapa”,” oye…vamos…venga… vale… guapa

On the worst hair days, that time you got the least amount of sleep, you’ll hear someone, somewhere, say guapa. It’s not something you have to earn by wearing your nicest skirt or your prettiest necklace. It’s not something that is only said when you “look pretty”, but a social norm because, por que no?

Today was 3 weeks and 3 days since I had heard one too many final sentences of “adios guapa”

3 days and 3 weeks since I left my Sevilla, and all its people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting.

Gracias to my ninos of Triana, who knows if I could ever be a teacher because I think I laughed as much as you all did.
Language mistakes are the funniest mistakes. “What the dog”….”donde es el pero”, no?…

& I will miss the weekly question “patricia porque no tienes novio cuando eres tan guapa?”


Gracias, my ninos at escuela, 4a,  5a, and 6a, (but especially 5a), I think I learned as much from you as you (hopefully) did from me. To have had the opportunity of volunteering to teach English, coordinate classes in Spanglish, and see the schooling system in another country was a wonderful thing.

To mama Rosa, gracias for your Spanish cuisine and making Monday my favourite day of the week- Los lunes de lentejas-


Gracias Juan y Marta, for answering all my most ridiculous questions and musings, and coordinating everything perfectly-


Gracias Manuel, for being mi primero amigo y intercambio, and showing me what it means to watch Spanish futbol-


Carlos, gracias for your constant friendliness and invitations, and for showing me that when I have to be a grown-up I want to be one in Sevilla, where age is just a number, and so is seis de la manana-

To Rodolfo & Claudio, gracias for being the most fun people to go discoteca-ing with, for all your laughter with and at me, and my inventive dances, .. and for all the dancing lessons, which I am continuing, por supuesto  😛

To Victor, Raisa, & Alejandro, gracias for putting up with my locura-ness and next time I see you I will bring peanut butter and we will have a gran fiesta. (feria de abril vengaaaaa vale)-

To my Juan, after thinking there could not possibly be anymore Juans in Sevilla (or on this Earth), we met because you turned around before leaving the bar. Lo demas es historia 😉 I could talk for hours on end in Spanish with you, wandering around Sevilla, you teaching me about its history and architecture, the best tapas & churros spots, and the best spots to see the city from up above, making me do trust falls, and we laughed, but both knew I needed them. No sleep but that’s what the siesta is for, right? Gracias por compartir tus pensamientos sobre la vida y el amor; echo de menos las noches riendo contigo-

IMG_5604 IMG_7143

Thank you to everyone who I met at all the intercambio events, los bares, las calles, y las discotecas. I have never smiled and laughed so much in my life. I have never felt more like I could really be ME & my true self than with you all. IMG_5475  IMG_6986IMG_6749  IMG_6690

Despite the countries I’ve visited, cities I’ve walked across, none of my time away could compare to my time within this city.

No me has dejado