I’ve always been fascinated by imagining a day in the life of the 7 billion people on this planet.
Then I realized, I don’t have to imagine it; I can see it. I can live it.

Hi there!
I’m Patricia, but some call me Poppy, like the flower.
Living life on my own terms is my passion.

I was born in Romania, but my parents immigrated to the USA when I was 5 years old.

Throughout childhood, my mother planned vacations to Romania, the Caribbean, Mexico, and Canada. In this way, traveling has always been with me. One summer I traveled with my friend to her home in Puerto Rico, and my senior year of high school I went to Costa Rica.

Despite all this, it wasn’t until my first semester studying abroad in college that I began to develop a passion. After a mere month of exploring Spain’s ancient cities, nightclubs, traditions, and best of all- meeting its people, I was hooked to the freedom and zest for life that traveling creates.

I went on to study abroad again; one semester in Prato Italy, and another in Bangkok, Thailand.

In May 2016 I graduated from University of New Haven with a bachelor’s in Psychology and Global studies. I then waitressed in several restaurants for a few months, saving enough money to begin traveling (with my student loans in mind too).

Since February 13th, 2016 I’ve been on the road, returning to Southeast Asia.

Up until now, I’ve traveled to 29 countries & territories, and I want to show you that travel is one of the most, educational, life-changing, and incredible experiences.
And that, if you believe in yourself, you can do this too.

I’m not rich, I don’t have a plan, I don’t even have a clue sometimes.
I’m just a girl with a smile and a passport who will do anything to see the world.

For me, there’s nothing quite like sleeping in hostels, eating street food, meeting locals, hitchhiking, camping, and using public transportation. I think the more authentic and out-of-the-box travel is, the more rewarding as well.

I believe in following your dreams, and the uniqueness of traveling on a budget.
To find magic, you must first believe in it.

Currently: Serbia

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