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A Stroll around the Metropol Parasol

Walking down Sevilla’s streets at night is anything but a disappointment. In fact, many churches, monuments, and fountains are bathed in glowing lights; showing off their magnanimity.

The Metropol Parasol is one such structure in Sevilla that has a bit of juxtaposition. It is a very new and modern artistic architectural design, built for people to enjoy viewing all the older wonders of Sevilla.

It also has a nickname— Las Cetas (the mushrooms), as the structure is shaped like a giant wooden mushroom. It is also the world’s largest wooden structure!

This neat art piece couldn’t be missed, so on Wednesday September 23rd, our 3rd Cultural Liaison event took place. Upon meeting at the Plaza Nueva, our first stop was nighttime sweet—ice cream from Rayas. This chain is among the more popular in Sevilla, so it was worth at least 1 visit before it closes for the season.

Never had I ever seen such a variety of ice cream! There were around 50 flavours, from the classic pistachio, to savory fig and cheese. After many samples, and delicious purchases, everyone was content and full of helado!

We then walked to the Metropol Parasol, and soon came to the intricate structure with electric blue lights radiating within its corners.

We pay our entrance and take an elevator up to the top, greeted by a chic bar, chairs and tables, and a long walkway.

Stepping on the walkway makes you feel detached from the rest of Sevilla, gazing onto the world from a separate point of view.

The path winds around, leading to the top of the Metropol Parasol. Everyone grabbed pictures and panorama, in awe of how Sevilla can morph at a different time of day, and from a different perspective. The architectural highlights of Sevilla stood out beautifully against a dark night sky.

After taking in the views, we all headed downstairs to grab some drinks. Our 3 Euro entrance fee included a select drink from the bar menu!

The structure closes at 11:45pm on weekdays, and 12:45am on weekends, meaning that we had just enough time to enjoying each other’s company before the lights of the Metropol Parasol turned off for the night.

If you desire to visit an archaeological museum, farmers market, restaurant, and artistic structure all at once, look no further than the Metropol Parasol, a fascinating and functional piece in the heart of Sevilla.

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