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Part-Time City Girl

As much as I love Sevilla (alot alot alot),I definitely miss a good day of hiking. Spending time wandering through forests and nature. Seeing golden tones of fall that are too beautiful to write about. Sevilla has beautifully landscaped parks, but it’s just not the same as climbing a mountain or following a challenging trail.

A few weeks ago, to my delight, our API program took us through some trails around“pueblos blancos”in Andalusia, in the Sierra de Aracena park region.

DSC_3974 DSC_3912

We started in Linares de la Sierra, a typical “pueblo blanco” (white village) whose town center was once a bullfighting ring. A small artisan shops, a restaurant, and 1 tiny store were centered around the main plaza.

We hit the trail after grabbing coffee, and kept wondering when the path would ever stop going uphill (it didn’t). Similar to my hiking experience in Mallorca, the path wasn’t too well-groomed and had enough rocks for even the least klutsy person to trip over. (And after a long night of fiesta-ing, hiking uphill in the Spanish sun was not muy divertido)

Along the way we found some delicious edible wild berries, cracked walnuts, and met the friendliest donkey ever.

Our midway stopping point for lunch was the pueblo blanco of Alájar, a larger town, but just as quaint. We took a different route back to Linares de la Sierra, downhill, to a setting sun and cooler mountain air.

Linares de la Sierra

DSC_3966_2 DSC_3945
En route

DSC_4042 DSC_4039_2
Nearing the end of our trail, and I am 100% ready for a siesta!

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