SpainStudy Abroad

2.5 months in & caving in

It’s November 18th and all I can think about is kale and all-you-can-eat buffets.


Sitting in la clase de fonetica y fonologia picturing refillable bread baskets instead of the Andalusian accent.
How can I focus on the proper way to aspirate the “s” in como estas when there are college students eating unlimited breakfast/brunch in their dining halls across the Atlantic?

As seven layer bars and zucchini blossoms stuffed with peaches and cheese float through my mind this week, I realize I definitely have a case of homesickness… for food that is.

Although I enjoy the food and surprises my host mom prepares here in Sevilla, (there’s nothing like lentil Monday), making my own kale-banana smoothie would be nice too, or oatmeal filled to the brim with almonds and walnuts and unlimited berries..

If there’s one thing The United States has, it’s variety.
If there’s one thing Sevilla doesn’t have much of, it’s fresh fruit and vegetables.

After spending my summer working at farmer’s markets and preparing cooking demos, it was strange to come be exposed to so much breads, meats, and dairy, and so much cooked food overall.
Meals are often doused in oil, and although it is olive oil, I definitely do crave a fresh spinach/apple/walnut salad.

Going to Holland about 1 month ago was a nice change. Since I was on my own in terms of food,  I thought this was a good time to eat healthier. (I mean, besides the stroopwaffles and pancakes….)

So my breakfasts in Holland were rice cakes, bananas, peanut butter (only 1.5 euro), and nuts- healthy food was everywhere, and affordable! Little stands of fruits were outside of supermarkets, as were freshly squeezed juices.

And today, 1 month later, I caved in and bought peanut butter in Seville for 4 Euros…


Now, I have one more month left in Spain, including trips to Paris and Morocco, then staying in Romania for one month, then studying for Italy 1 semester, and I’m not quite sure when I’ll ever have kale again. So,  shoutout to America for having so many different types of food….

And to study abroad students- make sure you get your fill of peanut butter while in the states, or bring some abroad… you don’t want to be spending study abroad funds on Corte Ingles’ overpriced peanut butter..