Study Abroad

16 Spongebob Gifs that Describe Life After Studying Abroad

  1. Letting your besties know that you’re back in townWhen you let your friends know that you're back in town

  2. The face you make when you gear up to tell everyone about your adventureswhen u tell someone about your experience

  3. And your face when people tell you to stop talking about study abroad alreadyWhen someone tells you to %22stop talking about study sbroad already%22

  4. Realizing that all your newly-made friends live halfway across the world when you realize all the friends you made live halfway around the world

  5. But the morning commute is a piece of cake nowwhen u have to travel anywhere else

  6. And there’s nothing like mom & grandma’s cookingwhen you realie there's nothing like grndma's cooking

  7. However, you slowly understand that your months-long vacation is overwhen you realize no one will ever understand

  8. And that all your money is gonewhen u realize all your money is gone

  9. But you have no regrets on how you spent it when someone asks you how it was

  10. So now you spend your nights studying instead of partying until dawnwhen you try to understand italian fashion

  11. And your days trying to lose all the weight you gained when you try to burn off all the weight you gained

  12. When you think of “that one time abroad”When you and your bestie keep reminding each other of %22...that one time abroad %22

  13. And you see how boring your life is nowwhe you realize nothing will compare to your semester abroad

  14. So you contemplate reallocating college funds

    on more travel hen you realize the coffe is nothing like in Italy

  15. And you start replanning your lifewhen you realize you forgot how to do actual schoolwork

  16. Convincing yourself that it won’t be long before you’re exploring the world again, whatever it may take But you know that you'll be traveling again whatever it take