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How to START traveling and keep GOING!

As the months pass by (way too quickly) on my travels, more and more people back home in the USA […]

Secret Spaces- Phong Nha’s Village Across the River

In recent years, Phong Nha has experienced bursts of tourism- and with good reason. It’s national park, Phong Nha Ke […]

16 Spongebob Gifs that Describe Life After Studying Abroad

Letting your besties know that you’re back in town The face you make when you gear up to tell everyone about […]


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Keys to Successful Travel

  • Open mind
  • Go with the flow attitude
  • Smile on your face
  • Empathy
  • Positive thinking

1 in 400 trillion

Those are the odds of you being ALIVE. So... are you really living?

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Who is Poppy?

Hi everyone and welcome to my blog 🙂
I am a 22-year old Romanian girl from the United States who is passionate about exploring with an open mind and a smile.

After 3 university semesters studying in Spain, Italy, and Thailand, I realized that travel would not solely be a part of my life, but my life itself.

Come and join me on my infinite adventure!